The Readathon

As part of our celebrations for Literacy and Numeracy Week 2011 and 2012, over 100 year seven and eight students opted, with parental permission, to spend a day in the library.

“… they weren’t there to do maths, or science…they were there to read! After marking the roll and finding out what was in store for them that day, everyone went off to do their own thing. Some people went to the art table, whilst others went to learn how to make a book trailer on iMovie. But most people snuggled down in the reading pit with a blanket, pillow and slippers…and of course, a book!
For the full day, people wrote book reviews, drew pictures for the library, made movies and read! No science, maths and history! Just the library, books and quietness!” KZ, Year 7

“The Readathon was one of the best days of Year 8. We went to the library to read and do literacy-based activities all day. I made a book summary of the Scott Pilgrim series, and it is going to be shown on the library big screen in one week. So yeah, fun”. AT, Year 8

“In the Readathon, we read books and made art and book trailers. The whole feel of the day was laid back and I really enjoyed sharing reading with my friends”. TS, Year 8

Life sized cardboard models of Harry Potter and his friends made an appearance and were given as prizes to the students who wrote the best review or created the best movie trailer. It was so much fun to see all the students excited and engaged!

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