What’s my sentence?

Wonderful Twitter provided a link to this youtube movie:

What's my sentence?

We’re about to create our own ‘What’s my sentence?’ movie at our school and I’m really excited about the way that it engages students with different Literacies as well as the fact that it forces us to examine some of the questions at the heart of our curriculum and our communities – Who am I? Who do I want to be? How do others see me? How do I want others to see me? What can I do to make that happen?

A wonderful experience. For more information about the background to the original project, take a look at:

Dan Pink talking about the 'One sentence' project

Dan Pink: Two questions

Google’s 20% in my classroom

Found a thought provoking article:

Using 20% time to personalise learning

What a great idea for a year 7 French class. Engaging students with curriculum goals via their own passion. We’re going to devote 20% of each lesson to student self directed projects for the next 10 weeks and see where that takes us. The projects will culminate in a showcase lesson where students share their work. Just need to put together a set of guidelines over the holidays …

So many inspiring articles online!

Literacy – a whole school issue!

Rather than attempt to treat Literacy as a specific subject area, we need to find connections across the curriculum, create the open-ended activities that Literacy teaching and student engagement need.

We need to ensure that our curriculum is dynamic and that changes reflect the fact that the definition of Literacy itself evolves and changes as society changes, as we change and as the needs of our students change.

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We’ll look at Keynote presentations for each domain, then feel free to wander!

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