7 familiar classroom practices that we sometimes forget!

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1. Write up learning objectives and refer to them throughout the lesson.
2. Encourage mindfulness from everyone in your classroom, yourself included. (get some ideas from Smiling Mind)
3. Base all learning on student outcomes. Start with the desired student outcome and plan backwards from that.
4. Be at the classroom door to welcome all of your students in. It helps to establish a positive tone for the whole lesson and helps build a feeling of connectedness.
5. Don’t skimp on your warm up routine. After a mindfulness activity, introduce a task which builds on prior learning and acts as a warm up for what you are about to cover in the lesson.
6. Don’t skimp on your plenary. We need to help students to realise how much they have learned in the lesson and to send them away feeling happy and positive.
7. Share. When you have had a great lesson, share what you have learned. Share your resources via your blog, twitter, tes or one of the other sites. Alternatively email them to your colleagues or give them a photocopy. Everyone loves the gift of a great idea!

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