piktochart – using infographics for learning

I’ve looked longingly at infographics for some time now. Succinct and attention-grabbing, they encourage creators and users to edit and pare back information, focusing on what is essential.

This morning, I finally discovered piktochart, a site that I can use easily to create useable infographics and created this one about reading effectively in a foreign language.

Reading Hacks - how to be a better reader in a foreign language-1

I also thought that it would be great to use with students for revision, reinforcement and extension.  I’m going to try out these ideas:

1. Students create an infographic for a grammar point of their choice and use that to teach the point to a different group of students.

2. Students create infographic which shows what has been learned from a particular topic or unit.

3. Students create an infographic to show character or plot development.

4. Students create an infographic to summarise the key points about a topic

I found inspiration for learning with infographics on these two sites:

The Differentiated Instruction Book of Lists

Edutopia: Beyond the Book: Infographics of Students’ Reading History

I found piktochart easy to use and the free templates and graphics matched my needs, but the following sites listed some different infographic creators:

10 free tools for creating infographics – Creative Bloq
20+tools to make your own infographic
How to make your own infographics – Razor Social

I’ll let you know how my students get on, but in the meantime, how have you used infographics for learning and teaching?

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