Passion Project 2012

Last Friday, during Period 4, while hurtling towards the weekend, my year 8 students started to get cracking on their Passion Projects!

This is a new class that I have taught only a few times this year so far and we have spent only a little time preparing our project proposals.

Each member of the class has written a brief outline of their project and made a contribution to the success criteria. I have been working closely with groups of students to help them identify essential questions and avoid regurgitating facts.

With my current year 8 class, a number of them have thought of fantastically complicated projects and are already questioning their peers about essential questions that they would need to answer in order for their projects to be a success.

This represents a step forward in terms of what students expect of themselves and has me really excited about the projects themselves! I was most struck by the way that the classroom felt more relaxed and more purposeful when the students were engaged upon a project in which they seemed to feel they had so much invested. A great reminder of the importance of linking learning to life beyond the classroom and giving students a real choice in terms of what they learn as well as how and when they learn it.

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