Work/Life Balance?

My first job after graduation was in media sales for a business publishing company. The job itself – mostly telesales – was pretty boring, but the people, outrageous, eccentric and gregarious, together with the location, slap bang in the middle of London’s Soho, and the generally party atmosphere meant that going to work was a part of my social life.

Recently, I’ve been reflecting on work/life balance and I came across this article by Seth Godin. It made me think back to my media sales years, to a time when work and home did not feel like separate domains, and I realized that my then employers knew that bridging the gap, by whatever means possible, between home and work, keeps people motivated, engaged and, of course, making money.

In Seth’s opinion:

“Work/life balance is a silly question, just as work/food balance or work/breathing balance is. It’s not really up to you after a point. Instead of sneaking around the edges, it might pay to cut your hours in half but take the intellectual risks and do the emotional labor you’re capable of.”

Lightbulb moment: Balance cannot be looked at in work/life terms, but rather we need to ensure that we bring the passions, joys and interests that colour our lives into the work that we do. We fuse the different domains of our lives together with our passion.

Aren’t we all looking for ways to follow our passions? How can I help my students to do this? How can I work with them to harness their passions to build a true bridge between school and home? Last year, our ‘Passion Project’ began the process. This year, with entirely new groups of students, the journey continues … and begins again!

How do you help your students to bridge the gap between school and home?

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