Inspiration – The Black Line Mystery

black line mystery

For some time now, I’ve been reading with awe about the ‘Black Line Mystery’ (more details here: and and from @jessmcculloch and @ajep).

This visionary project develops an Alternate Reality Game for young language learners, enabling them to practise and build on their language skills in an exciting and interactive way.

I’m just beginning to think about how I can introduce the principles to my year 10 French classroom next year and the thinking process alone has been enlightening. Of course, putting student outcomes before course content is not a new idea, but it is exciting and challenging to try to re-imagine our course and re-invigorate it in this way. In trying to create a quest for my students, I’ve reawakened my enthusiasm for the possibilities of the course.

I don’t have much to offer yet in terms of sharing my journey down this particular road, just wanted to share the fact that have been inspired to start!

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