Hooray for passion!

I was greeted at the door of my classroom by 2 very eager students who were just bursting with excitement! They had spent the weekend finishing their first passion project and were keen to share!

Their big reveal:

Passion Project

Passion Project

The written part of their project was research into three French chefs and 4 French dishes, written in their own words and fully referenced.

Their product was:
1. Marzipan handmade and crafted into their dishes (salade aux tomates, quiche lorraine, vin chaud and mousse au chocolat).
2. A Menu for their imaginary restaurant.
3. A receipt for an imaginary customer to their restaurant.
4. A radio advertisement for their restaurant, written by themselves and created on their iPads.

The presentation was beautiful and their enthusiasm captivating. When they played their podcast, the whole class stopped in their tracks, discuss what had been achieved and began reevaluating their own projects in the light of the efforts of their peers. Now the girls and I are negotiating ways to expand their project to include more of a French language component – keeping engagement high and building on their passion for French.

I’m excited that the students shared and discussed ideas at home, working with their families to make it happen.

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