Passion Project ….. the lightbulb moment!

So, my eager class of year 7 students is fully engaged with their projects, emails fly in evening and weekend, proof that these students are taking their learning out of the classroom. Suddenly it hit’s me. the big flaw.

I teach 2 year 7 groups and one group, the group that I chose for the passion project, let’s call them group A, is more engaged with my subject. The other, let’s call them group B, is not so engaged and together, we have not covered as much ground. That is why I initially chose group A. Let me make myself clear – I chose group A for the Passion Project, which aims to increase engagement, BECAUSE THEY ARE MORE ENGAGED!

See what I did there?

Anyway, group B have now started working on their passion projects with joy and enthusiasm! More of a test for increasing engagement! It was so much fun introducing the project with this second group. They couldn’t believe the parameters of the project initially (“what, anything? Can we make something?”, “Can I make a model of the Eiffel Tower out of chocolate? I can make it to scale?”, “Do we decide how long we spend on it?”) Spending 20% of the lesson working on personalised projects which are designed and individually negotiated to move learning forward has started to have a positive effect upon what we are able to accomplish together and is bringing a really positive energy to our classroom environment.

Our journey continues…

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